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These live virtual events are not just for you; they're BY you! Yes, that's right – you have the power to shape our community's discussions. Decide on the topics, suggest the guests, and tell us the kind of events you want.

Our goal? To empower you with the skills, mindset, strategies, and mastery needed to excel with your goals and beyond.

How do you get your voice heard? Simple. Cast your vote every month by answering the survey question at the bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, don't miss out – get signed up for the next upcoming event and be part of the RISE evolution! 🚀

Upcoming Events

Submit Your Questions!

Hey, Goal Getters! 🚀 This is YOUR time to shine. I wanna hear your stories, your burning questions, the stuff that keeps you up at night. is ready for the gritty, the raw, the game-changing queries. This is where your input shapes the convo, making it personal and powerful. So, spill it – ask away, dive deep, and let's create an event that's uniquely yours!

Thanks for submitting!

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